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Immigration Law

Immigration law visa green card multi-national government compliance legal steps
Immigration law cost-efficient  multi-national service customized expedient legal

Our attorneys work directly with management and human resources in large organizations as well as with small business owners to strategize and deliver successful visa and green card applications, support them in maintaining compliance with immigration laws and handle governmental investigations.  


Our clients include a diverse array of multinational industries, including

  • financial services & banking

  • supply chain management & logistics

  • air transportation

  • renewable energy

  • manufacturing

  • entertainment

  • advertising

  • visual effects

  • restaurant, beverage & hospitality services

  • publishing

  • information technology

  • wine producers

  • universities & other educational establishments


Ready to answer questions and concerns, we provide a comprehensive level of individualized support throughout the visa process and on an ongoing basis, with an ability to focus on and deliver in complex or unique situations. 


We are able to combine our corporate and immigration expertise with experience to cost-effectively support foreign entrepreneurs in establishing or acquiring companies in the United States and obtaining work authorization. 


Our practice includes E-1, E-2, E-3, H-1B, H-1B1, J-1, L-1A, L-1B, O-1 and TN visas, as well as all types of employment-based green card categories and naturalization.

Corporate Law

Corporate law international venture capital operating agreements industrial legal steps
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PService consultation Immigration law visa green card customized expedient legal

Our corporate and international practice represents a diverse mix of U.S., European and Latin American clients, including

  • large & mid-sized industrial groups

  • small businesses

  • venture capitalists

  • commercial lenders

  • real estate investors & developers

  • New York City retail establishments, family businesses & individual entrepreneurs


We act as counsel for various companies in all phases of operations, from entity structuring and start-up to dissolution.


We form all types of entities, and on their behalf, negotiate and prepare a vast array of commercial agreements, including

  • private placements

  • joint venture agreements

  • shareholders’ agreements

  • operating agreements

  • limited partnership agreements

  • IP license agreements

  • aircraft lease and sale agreements

  • distributorship, supply & agency agreements

  • employment agreements

  • independent contractor agreements

  • confidentiality agreements

  • nondisclosure agreements


We also prosecute trademark registration applications for our corporate clients.  


In addition, we represent buyers and sellers in the negotiation, documentation and closing of significant transactions involving mergers, stock purchases and sales and asset purchases and sales.


 A substantial component of our practice is on behalf of foreign companies and individuals, primarily from Germany, Austria and Spain, advising them in connection with acquisitions and other business transactions in the United States, as well as the establishment of offices and the provision of general ongoing support.


Together with our immigration group, we are able to provide international clients with a full range of advice in establishing and expanding U.S. operations, including the transfer of personnel from overseas to the United States.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law  foreign U.S. commercial residential  transactions leases legal steps

Our real estate practice serves a diverse clientele, including developers, lenders, property owners, purchasers, contractors, brokers, landlords, tenants and investors.


Through our broad experience and understanding of our clients’ needs, our goal is the cost-efficient, professional and expedient handling of transactions. We have extensive experience in providing representation of our foreign and domestic clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions, including real estate and sporting club development.


Our services include all aspects of real estate purchases and sales (including NYC condominium and cooperative units), as well as the negotiation and preparation of commercial real property leases for retail establishments, restaurants and other businesses.

Trusts & Estates

Law wills trusts estates administration planning advisor legal steps

We advise domestic and foreign individuals and assist them in developing overall estate plans in consultation with their other professional advisors.


Our services include the preparation of wills and trusts to implement such estate plans, providing estate and trust administration services, and advising on related matters, such as succession planning for closely-held businesses.

Employment Law

Law employment agreement termination settlement discrimination steps

We advise clients in a wide range of employment law matters. Our services include the preparation and review of employment agreements and termination and settlement agreements on behalf of businesses as well as on behalf of executives and other individuals; providing advice to human resources departments and executives with respect to discrimination and harassment claims, and hiring and termination issues; and preparing and reviewing employee handbooks.


Coordinating with our immigration group allows us to provide exceptional service to organizations with respect to domestic and foreign workers, including ensuring compliance with immigration laws as well as wage and hour laws.

Law disclaimer guarantee case legal

Prior results in any case do not guarantee a future result that is the same.

Each case we handle is individual with different facts and therefore every case is different.

We cannot guarantee any specific result in any case.

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